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Tube amp?

  1. Chessblitzer2017
    Hi, im new too this stuff and guess ill just go for a tube amp and not a normal amp cause it seems badass and yolo. The budget is 100$ and I have an smsl idea dac amp too connect too it for dac responsiblities. So it will go from computer>idea>tube amp>iem(correct me if theres anything wrong with that). I also have heard you can change tubes or something but dont want too mess with all that, just want good stock tubes. I was looking at the Little Dot I+ Headphone Amp on sale at massdrop, but dont think there is a way too connect the smsl too it or do i not need the dac or what? Other reccomendations are welcomed as well.
    Thank you !
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Just note that the LD Mk 1 is not a full tube amp. It's a hybrid with a tube preamp feeding a solid state output stage.

    The LD Mk 1 might have higher noise levels and too high gain for your IEMs compared to the SMSL Idea, which also doesn't seem to have a fixed voltage line output to feed the input stage of the LD Mk 1.

    If you're just going for it for looking bad ass and yolo, I'm already imagining you're wearing an all-Supreme outfit. On a more serious note, just save your $100 now and spend it more wisely later, by which point there might be other stuff that comes out that can get you even better bang for however much buck you happen to have. Like get a fullsize headphone which by then would be objectively better, and will either work with the Idea without the need for a more powerful amp, or you'd have more money to get he right DAC and HPamp.

    Just note that if you use a tube amp, at some point the tubes will burn out, on average sooner than solid state parts will. On the upside, it's easier to roll and pull out and put in a new tube than diagnosing which chip failed and then desoldering the busted one and soldering on a new one.
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