trying tubes not listed by amp manufacturer
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Nov 19, 2017
I'm trying to repair my dad's old radio (tuner issue -- perhaps one for another forum).

There are a couple of EBC81 tubes in here. I have a Little Bear P2 hybrid amp that takes EC81 tubes.

I was thinking that if I can't repair the radio, at least he could listen to his vintage tubes, sort of. The pins are the same as the EC81's. Would I break the amp by trying this? Little Bear lists EC81, 6C11 (Chinese version) and 6R4 (another identical tube) as the only tubes for the unit. Not sure it's worth the risk. Not turning up a lot on the web about what might happen... especially as it pertains to a little hybrid amp like this.

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Tube tuners are a complex beast, especially when you want to align them - what tuner is it?

Do not randomly stick tubes in. Lots of tubes have the same socket, but are drastically different. The ec81 (uhf oscillator tube for transmitters) are nowhere near the same as an ebc81 (which is a diode triode tube)
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Thank you. Won't plug them into the headphone amp.

The radio is a Rogers Majestic R211A. Only problem I was aware of was a busted tuner string. I'm able to move the tuner from inside but I'm only picking up AM, no shortwave at all. Not sure what's with that.

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