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Trying to decide buying IEMs and headphones

  1. BetaMeems
    I have 35 bucks, I could stretch it to 50 if they're really good

    I'm looking at some of the following

    VE Monks IEM
    Shure SE 112 Used
    Hifiman re400 waterline Used
    Sennheiser hd558 Used
    Phillips SHP9500
    KZ ZST

    Does anyone have anything to say about these or other IEMs or Headphones that might be nice? I have m40x, and I was mainly looking for IEMs or open back headphones

  2. cossix
    The 558 is a good point to dive into open backs, I've also heard good things about the Phillips
  3. BetaMeems
    I actually just found some in a good condition with the carrying case for 30 bucks, im pulling the trigger on that

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