Troubleshooting crackling on DAC/amp (Audio-GD NFB-12.1) when adjusting volume
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May 12, 2007
I've had an Audio-GD NFB-12.1 for 9 years, and in the past few months it's been crackling when I adjust the volume knob. There's no crackling otherwise - only at the moment of adjustment.

From some cursory Googling, I decided to remove the cover and see if it was filled with dust or something that might be causing static electricity. It's actually remarkably clean. I don't know enough about audio or electronic components to know what else to look for to diagnose the problem, but I took a picture of the internal device that is obviously attached to the volume knob, and then also took a zoomed in picture on a part that looks like it has some weird gunk on it that doesn't seem normal.

Is there anything in these pictures that might explain the crackling? And, most importantly, is there anything I can do about it as a layperson who doesn't have specialized knowledge or expensive repair equipment?

Much appreciated!


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