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Dec 16, 2014
A little background -
I currently own Massdrop Fostex TH-X00 (Mahogany), Oppo PM-3, Apple airpods pro (ordered by sound preference).
Mostly listen to electronic, rock/metal, jazz, classical (ordered by what I listen most to least)

I am looking for some headphones to take mostly out of the house and traveling. Currently use my oppos and airpods for this. So prob looking for something that would substitute the Oppos. Would prefer wireless BT with a wired option.

Options are:
Tier 1
Bathys Focal


Tier 2
Sony XM5
Senn Momentum 4

Yes, I know there is quite a price difference between my "tier 1" and "tier 2" options. My question is how much of a difference in sound quality would I be getting from jumping to tier 1?
For each tier, is there a headphone that would excel more in my preferred genres?

Any input greatly appreciated.
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I would opt for tier 2 because:
  • Being out and about increases risk for loss and/or damage, even despite your best efforts. Theft, inclement weather, baggage mishaps, all that fun stuff.
  • Being out and about means you won’t be in ideal listening situations a good amount of time. Then whatever extra work the likes of Focal has put into their phones goes to waste.
  • The two models you list on tier 1 must always have a charge regardless of how you use it. The two models in tier 2 can be used unpowered, though the sound signature may be different.
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Thanks. I believe over time I have settled on the Senns Momentum 4.

Anyone have any experience comparing these with the Oppo PM3s?
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