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travel team

  1. koppsach
    hi folks,
    i was reading a lot in the forum recently.
    now i want to hear from someone else if this combo fits for travels but also works as a allrounder.
    i already have a hisound n1 which i want to pair to a FiiO E17 and then listen with a used Soundmagic HP100.
    so, do i really need the FiiO E17, or could i just buy it later.
    i am curious about your answers
  2. reeshahn
    Soundmagic HP100 is 32 Ohm if I am not mistaken. Hisound N1 can drive maximum 32 Ohm headphones as well. In my opinion you can try it for a while and later buy an E17.
  3. koppsach
    but you think the fiio e17 will increase the listening quality in every case?
  4. reeshahn
    Well, for sure quality will be better with an E17 but the real question is if you need an E17 or if an E12 enough for you. N1 has a USB port but I dont know if connecting it through USB to E17 and bypassing N1's internal DAC is possible. You should look for it. If it is not possible and if you are not planning to use E17 with your laptop as well then E12 will be enough for you.
  5. koppsach
    on amazon you have a difference of 10 €  and a e17 would be an investment for the future (other headphones and for use as a DAC)
  6. reeshahn
    Then better go for E17 but you can also compare and consider buying E07K. Actually if you are not thinking about using optical input you can just go for E07K which has a longer lasting battery.
  7. koppsach
    i see.
    thanks, you are a real help. with the headphones you are d'accord?
  8. reeshahn
    Well headphones is a seperate story. I can noy really make any comment on your choice since I dont know how was your selection process. I personally never had chance to use Soundmagic HP100 so I can't really comment.

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