Transformer blew outside, headphones okay?
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sheep duck

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May 3, 2011
So today I was doing some listening on my PC, my setup is usb -> aune t1 -> hd650. Out of nowhere i hear a pretty loud *boom* and a second or two later all the power cuts to the house. I take the headphones off and as I'm taking them off I'm pretty sure I hear a bit of static coming through them so I hastily unplug them from the T1. Later on tonight I come home to a bunch of people from the power company directly outside my house hoisting a new transformer into the large hole in the front yard and the guy tells me that the transformer had blown.
My question is, with an outage such as this, and with the possible static that I thought I had heard; is there any real danger to my audio equipment? I'm giving them a very scrutinizing listen at the moment and they still sound good to me but I don't want to be psyching myself out. My pc, and my amp both are connected to a surge protector, but not a battery backup. Anyone with electrical knowledge care to chime in I'd be very appreciative.
Thanks in advance to any help :D
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Oct 6, 2012
Given the circumstances, your headphones are fine.

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