Total Bithead as Temporary DAC/Preamp
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Mar 6, 2009
I know this has been brought up on some threads already.... But I'd like to get some clarification and actual experiences if possible.

I just got my LD MK V amp for my HD650s. I'm probably going to grab the LD DAC_1 when it comes out. For the time being, I'm wondering about using the Bithead to feed the MK V.

The Headroom Total Bithead Faq states:

13.Q. Does the BitHead have a separate line out?

A. No, it does not have a separate line out. You can use the headphone jack with confidence though; remember that, as a general rule, headphone amp outputs are just like good pre-amp outputs but typically just a bit noisier in terms of adding some background noise floor issues.

Now, I did a short test using Macbook > Bithead > MK V > HD650
I set the gain on the bithead to Low, starting at zero volume output.
I found that even when reaching full output on low gain, the volume output from the phones was less for any given output on the MK V, compared to feeding the MK V directly from the Macbook jack at full output on the Mac.

I didn't notice any background noise/ sq problem...

If anyone has any experience running a similar set up for a length of time, that would be great info.

Also, this isn't as much for sq as it is for usabilty. The new Macbook headphone jacks are really crappy and the slightest movement can delodge the prong from it and cut the feed.
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Sep 11, 2005
I've never used the Bithead for this but I have used 3 other USB DAC/amps feeding my HP rig with good long term results. My current system is based on my Pico DAC/amp. I use low gain at full volume and this is good based on the visible input volume metering on my PreSonus Central Station.

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