Toronto Pico/Predator Owners
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 30, 2006
Do you live in the G.T.A. and own a Pico amp/dac or Predator?

I would really love to listen to either of these with my new JH-13 Pro's. Shoot me a P.M. and I'll be happy to pick up the tab for a lunch so I can spend some time listening.
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nice choice looking at pico, really nice little dac/amp, but unlewss you want to give your dollar to the USA, which is an admirable reason, go the D10 man; pico is fab, but I prefer my D10 to the pico dacs UI listened to and the pico amp I owned before the D10
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Nah, don't really care who gets my money. Although, I'm actually trying to keep it! That's why I want to listen to them first.
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Originally Posted by xkRoWx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What about the MiniBox E+? Its said to be in the same league (with the right op-amps) as the Pico/Predator..

Let me know if you wanna try the MiniBox

Thanks a lot for the offer, but I'm looking at usb dac/amp combos for use with my laptop while I'm working.
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I cant even find a damn store that owns one of these amps lol.
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Originally Posted by rlanger /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Do you live in the G.T.A. and own a Pico amp/dac or Predator?

did u order urs online? where did u get ur ear molds done? and how much was it? im in toronto and considering getting a pair.
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Uh, rlanger is asking about an amp/dac. Not IEMs!

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