to amp or not to amp on Fuze
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Jul 13, 2006
Hey there, I would like your opinions on the RE2/E5 combo. For $12 extra (shipping included), I could get the combo, but I wondering how much I would really need the amp.

My sources are Sansa Fuze 8g and my laptop. Assuming that the e5 boosts volume and bass, I feel that my laptop can handle the volume by itself, but how about the Fuze? Also I'm not a basshead, but a little more bass than the iM716 (broken now :p) is preferred. Finally, I intend to listen on the go with my sansa and re2, but I don't plan on bringing the amp if I got it. Without that consideration, is it still worth the $12?

Thanks. Also any other suggestions are welcome ($50 range, I enjoyed the iM716 unammped a lot).

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