Titanium HD vs Audiotrak HD2 "review" - any opamp advice?
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Feb 17, 2008
I just have had a couple of days with the Creative Titanium HD. I usually use a Audiotrak HD2 Advance DE with 2x LT1364 and 1x LM6172 opamp. It goes into a Matrix-M stage(lehmann clone) modded with opa627 forced in class-A driving Senn HD 600 modded with 650 cable.
1: Titanium HD: is supreme in all games, with or without the CMMS-3D function compared to the Audiotrak HD2. It really is no contest.
2: Titanium HD:has more details in the top-end compared to the Audiotrak.
3: Titanium HD: has a wider soundstage and I presume alot wider than my older Xonar D1.
4: Titanium HD:xf_eek:n some tracks its really fun to listen too
5: I was long time scared of installing the famously bloated creative drivers, but the native drivers from the website, 50meg download, with 3 different "modes" was not bad. It was easy, though a bit slow when adjusting, and not any major bugs. No bloat!
1: Titanium HD in general is higher pitched. Its more focused on the top end which is harsher sounding and more fatiguing, though more detailed, than my modded Audiotrak HD2.
2: It might be the topend focus but Titanium HD seems to lack bass vs the HD2 in normal music playback.
3: The Audiotrak HD2 is a great little PCI card. Takes up no space. Creative card is 2x the size
4: The Audiotrak HD2 drivers are so small, but a disaster in games, but very clean, which Creatives are a little more "choice" and larger download.
In games there is no contest with the Titanium HD, but the sound out of the Creative is bright, a little harsh, and lack of bass. But in many ways superior to the Audiotrak. The audiotrak with the mods are  warmer and analog sounding. So can this be cured with opamp swap?
the creative uses the LME49710NAs  for buffering is a single opamp configuration. There's really no reason to swap out the LME49710NAs but rather the NJM2114 opamps used on the I/V end? I thought NJM2114 were dark sounding allready, aint they the same which is in the Xonar ST?, so how can this be made any more analog and darker sounding without this killer "treble". I presume the Xonar ST has the exact same problem?
P.S. I allready use dark headphones, so cant be sorted that way.....
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I tried AD797BR on the I\V and the bass just blew me away,but the mids and highs lacked precison and clarity on the other hand.
right now I'm using LME49720NA in the I\V section,its sound similar to the JRC's,but with thicker sound especially in the high,and with little more details and better bass but still needs more improvement,(still misses the AD797BR's precise bass).
I recommend you as a first OpAmp swap,put LME49720HA(can version) in the I\V section and you good to go.
I have two X-fi HD cards(one for me and one for my brother PC),for one card Im gonna use OPA827 in the buffers and 49720HA in the I\V
and on my card which already has the 49720NA in the I\V,Im gonna try OPA627BP in the buffers in the next days and I'll update you how it sounds.
but for the start,the LME49720NA\HA its a great start.
just remember that the buffers are single channel and the I\V are duals.
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I've putted the OPA627BP in the buffers instead of the LME,and first thing I've noticed is the the mids are more laid back and the bass is more pronounced and more rounded,overall the sound is more pleasent to the ears and more rounded,more laid back.
if you prefer the mids more pronounced you would be better stick with the lme49710NA,but for now,I prefer the OPA627BP...
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LME49720NA is a dual, not single, the 497210NA is what is installed there isnt it?
I dont want it more laid back, as the card is quite laid back, but I want it to be darker, but it might not be possible. Xonar ST owners also complain of this.
But I dont get this... the LME49710 are the buffers, and the JRC 2114D are the I/V conversion opamps, yes? So what if you put the LME49710 in the I/V and JRC 2114D in the buffer, like it is on the xonar ST? Make it darker?
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If you gonna replace between the two you will need an adapters,daul the single and the opposite,and of course a pair of another LME49710NA.
About the sound of it,I can't tell you how it'll sound because I've never tried or heard this combination yet...
Soon I'm gonna test also the AD797ANZ in the buffers and see how it'll work...
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I'm really curious if this card has ground loop issues or not. If it doesn't I might be game to pick one up and sell my titanium.
Anybody know? I suppose in two pay period I could probably go to best buy and pick one up. And I have quite the collection of op amps to choose from. Some opa637's, opa2107's etc that I can select from to come up with a good sounding HD. :)
Can you plug the dual RCA into anything you want and not get a ground loop?
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^My current setup,LME49720NA in the I\V and OPA627BP in the buffers.

^With the AD797BR's in the I\V

^With the LME49720NA in the I\V and the stock LME49710NA in the buffers.
still I have to check the AD797ANZ in the buffers and I also have OPA2111KP(if I recall right) that need to be tested.
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I've putted the AD797ANZ in the buffers,AWESOME!!!!such a great treble and bass,mids could be more upfront,but still sound great!
the bass is boomy but not floating,very direct,very very accurate,highs are spot on,mids sound very clear,maybe they are not in front like in the LME49710NA but they certainlly sound great,as they mix great in the overall sound!  
ooh and its set to "flat" EQ,and speaker in THX set 50%!

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