tips wanted on using stax earspeakers
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Apr 14, 2009
Some people told me that i can not use the stax for loud music (metal ,or rap)

it might damage it!

The lambda signature just right for me ~i would want it to last at least 5 more years till i can grap an omega~

so please let me know if there is any action that might damage my phone~!

best regards
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These "some people" do not know what they are talking about.
Some specific music genres are not damaging to Stax 'phones. High SPL over time are, but that goes for any 'phones regardless if they are Stax, Sennheiser, AKG, Grado, ...

The Lambdas should be safe as long as they play clean and your ears do not hurt.
Just enjoy!
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I often listen to Sepultura/Die Krupps/Testament/Rammstein/Slayer/The Muse/Accept/.../... witn my O2s. Mostly at high volumes. Beautiful.........
Just now a bassy John Digweed's set plays VERY loud.
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Thanks, enjoying the nightwish rite now!

it sounds amazing from my Lambda S


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Rofl, I suspect that stats can take more punishment than dynamics in general (in terms of volume). You can't damage the membrane short of appying a wrong (and much higher) bias voltage on it.

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