Time to upgrade my px100
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Jan 7, 2009
I think it's time for me to upgrade my px100.
I need a iem for somthing like 100$..
What do you offer?
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Originally Posted by M3NTAL /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The IE8 from Sennheiser is a canal phone that is "similar" in house sound to the PX100, more refined, but just as much bass

We'll take all you got at $100
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aww poop... I totally missed the 100.00 part

I honestly don't have a good answer for an IEM at 100 that sounds like a PX100.

The closest to that price range I had were the Shure E2c... which I was NOT a fan of. The Etymotic ER-4 is a goo piece of gear, but NOT like a PX100 at all and costs in the mid 100's range.
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You want to tell me that none of the iem's such as NuForce NE-7M, Altec Lansing UHP336, Crossroads quattro and soo can't compare to the px100?
What about the phonak pfe's? how they do against the px100?
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I had the Nuforce NE-7M's, just returned them. I also have the px100's.

The nuforce's were more detailed, but they weren't that much of an upgrade from px100 sq-wise. The mic is a really useful feature though.
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I don't need a mic.
Soo which iem's i can find that is better than the px100?
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I'd recommend saving up a bit more, PX100s go for what, around $50? You're not going to see marketable improvements for $100, especially since at least in my experience IEMs are generally more expensive for an equivalent quality of sound and the PX100s are already well regarded and good value.
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It's not that i don't love my px100, it's just that i need some isolation and want something more portable..
The Phoank audeo pfe's won't be an improvement from the px's?
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In term of sound quality the PFE are the best for the price (according to reviews).

From what I've seen, minimum price is 135$.

I don't consider them as the best value, because:

1) look at the long thread of defects :
2) people say you must use an amp to get the best of them.

If you can stretch your budget "a bit", get a Sennheiser ie7. At least that's what you should get if you are interested by "build quality" especially. I didn't test them yet, waiting end of month.
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Iv'e got an e5 so the amp won't be a problem.
The question is if they are really better then the px100..

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