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Thumbs up on the new layout

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by d.g, May 6, 2010.
  1. d.g
    Thumbs up from me and a big thanks for making this place available to use for all!
    I like the look and the slick interface, its all good.
  2. ozone42
    Agreed, so much easier on the eyes!  Great work
  3. Lil' Knight
    My suggestion is to replace the Tags, Recent Reviews and What Users Want blocks on the right-handed side with the My Message block, like the one in Home. Would be much more convenient.
  4. EddieE
    + 1
    I think it looks great. Loads more proffessional and clean than the old format.
  5. KevDo
    I actually really hate it. Too chunky and most of the space  is filled with "negative" space with no info, making my mouse wheel run off the rails.
    Is there a way to change back at my end, or at least make it a little quicker to use.
  6. JeFFz
    the layout is pretty ok, just that i think head-fi should move the posts more to the center... Im not used to forum thread post to the left side ><.
    Other than that, the new layout can be easily get used to.
  7. midoo1990
    Unfortunatly,I don't think Jude will change the new layout to the old one because he wrote that he have been working on it for a year:frowning2: I think if we made a poll the majority of headfeirs will vote to return the original layout again.
  8. bdr529
    not sure how this layout has been worked on for a year, this seems pretty cookie cutter based on the other huddler site. like identical.
  9. plonter
    thumbs up right here [​IMG]  great job,the new look is great!

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