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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. kugino Contributor
    i want to try both the dc-1 and the gungnir...i suppose both have trial periods so i could do that. or wait til one shows up in the f/s forums...
  2. SynthAddicted
    Lol- You wrote exactly what I was struggling to communicate about the Alpha Dogs (hardness is really the right word imo) and the HD800 (I remember putting them on and thinking "so much detail and space... but these aren't going to stay on my head for very long")
    I'm very pleasantly surprised by the apparently massive similarity in the way we seem to hear- it makes it easier for me to just risk some money and order a custom Paradox :) 
    I had essentially decided to do that anyways (I was thinking I would audition some other stuff first), but now I won't worry about it nearly as much [​IMG]
    Thank you so much for making this decision process far more relaxing!​ 
    I will actually have uses for the additional features of the DC-1 (and I only have so much budget as I'm getting cans as well), some immediate, some waiting for more budget. For example, the dual onboard headphone amps will actually be really convenient for showing my work to friends, and the high quality preamp will drastically extend usability when i bring it into my school studios and use it in place of the lame Motu interfaces in the rooms that have the best synthesizers (something the Gungir would probably be too big for). Also, it's much easier on the budget (33% less, and I can skate by on the onboard headphone amp while I pool money for a bit). So the DC-1 seems to be the right choice in my case- though I plan to buy it on Amazon, so if I have some issue with it, I don't lose any money.
    I really appreciate you chiming in here :) 
  3. ciphercomplete

    Having owned the 1704uk based nm24 I am still interested in the older pcm63 m24 and m22(?)DACs. I had always heard that that the m24 was superior to the newer version. But with the Yggy's release seemingly just around the corner I decided not to scratch that itch. There's a m22 on eBay someone should buy before I get tired of looking at it though. :)
  4. ciphercomplete

    Yuck, not me. If my history with tubes is any indication a tube version of the Yggy would lead to me owning a room full of tubes and being very unhappy.
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  5. blitzxgene
    Mmm, Yggy is fantastic. I now know i will be buying one.
  6. evillamer
    Time to tell Mike Moffat he can't do that for SURE.
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  7. purrin
    Original Modi was on the lean side - depended up on USB. I had to resort to Wyrd for Modi to get a more consistent sound that wasn't lean..
    My original statement was saying that Magni 2 Uber > warmer than Magni 2 when used in combination with Modi 2 Uber. I need to pick up a Modi 2 Uber for myself. Trying to avoid because the perception is that I'm kind of a Schiit-shill or Schiit-head. But it's hard to deny performance for the price.
  8. jogfi2002
    Hi, it's me again.
    Has anybody ever listened to Emotiva XDA-2 GEN2?
    How does it perform comparing to Schiit M&M 2 stack and Denon DA300?
  9. 62ohm
    Is the Metrum Octave an R2R DAC? I googled it and some says it's a string DAC, not an R2R.
  10. Sorrodje
    The octave uses industrial R2R chips.
  11. SoupRKnowva
    Nothing wrong with it being a Resistor String DAC chip instead of an R2R type, both are multibit dac chips just of differing architectures.
    I think the main problem here is that on the forum R2R has become synonymous with multibit, which isn't the case, there are several types of multibit DAC architectures around, R2R just being one of them.
  12. davidvanderbilt
    This may be a silly question but is the PS Audio perfectwave MK II still considered a strong contender among the other dacs that are out right now? I have the gungnir but was considering buying a used perfectwave. I've done a lot of research, just wasn't sure if this dac was outdated at all yet if that makes any sense.
  13. Sapientiam
    Even within DACs which are nominally R2R often not all the stages are implemented as R2R. For example the Yggy's DAC is shown here - 6MSBs are decoded separately and the bottom 14 bits are true R2R. 14-6bitseg.png
  14. hans030390
    mulbtibipt is hard to type so let's stick with r2r
  15. Clemmaster
    Interesting. That could actually be how the TotalDAC is implemented as well.
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