thinking about going grado (urgent 05/09/08)
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May 5, 2008
ok so i am thinking of steping up from the pana's i am hoping to get a pair of sr80's if i can find them. *in a store not net* i would rather get a pair of ath-a700's if i could find them but will settle for the grado's if available.

whats the difrence between the a700 vs sr80/60 which is a better phone? i like the idea of closed but again availability.

i would perfer replys before tomorow cuz yea im going into the city tomorow for 2 days. *woot gigantour!* if its not to much to ask for. hope i can check this before i actualy hit any of the av stores
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What type of music are you going to be listening to mainly? Grado are fantastic for rock, metal, and alternative. I'm not familiar with the A700 but I would do a search as I'm sure this question probably came up before. Also, when I listened to the SR60 and SR80 side by side there isn't really much difference. The SR60 comes with pads and the SR80s come with bowls. The different pads on the Grados changed the sound to some extend as well. Good luck
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mostly metal music and the a700s are said to be great for metal also.
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uh ok but how dose that affect my coice on buying the grado's ?
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What we advice depends on your preferences and your budget. Otherwise we'll just speak for our own tastes. In that case: sr-80!
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Originally Posted by nff /img/forum/go_quote.gif
uh ok but how dose that affect my coice on buying the grado's ?

Though you might wanna try a 12 dollar fix to the comfort problem Grados seem to be plagued with.
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he doesn't need to mod them to make the hd414 pads fit Grados. He dyes them black though.
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ok i was asking which of the "TWO" gives me better sound for metal
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They are incredibly similar IMO. I will say that the SR80 is a little more refined, with a bit more bass. But, that's really the only difference. If you wanna save some cash, go for the SR60 and go out to lunch.

Either way, they're both great for what you're wanting. You can't go wrong. Also, it would be best to see if the difference in price is worth it. Judge your own ears, if you can. Bring a portable source (in case they don't have a demo ready).

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Originally Posted by fatman711 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
he doesn't need to mod them to make the hd414 pads fit Grados. He dyes them black though.

Well, that depends. If you want to reverse the HD414 you have to quarter/half-dollar mod the frontside.

Otherwise, no modding needed.
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so your sayiing the sr80's are better than the audio-technica's ath-a700s?
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It's like this: Given two headphones, you will almost never find unanimous agreement here as to which sounds better than which. You even have people proclaiming that headphone X at $100 sounds better than headphone Y at $1000. What you can say, is that if someone like certain types of music, and prefers certain types of sound, then they are so and so many % likely to like X over Y. It can really only be determined by listening to them yourself if you want to be sure. Otherwise, go with the hunches and percentages here.

Now, you like metal, right? Go Grado!

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