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Things to consider before getting your custom IEM impressions done. The perfect fit.

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  1. Cagin
    dont be embarassed if the cotton dam has bits of cerumen or hair ^^ don't risk damaging your mould by trying to clean.
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  2. Denzelwng4
    i agree, dont touch the impression at all, leave it as it is...
    for me, it took around 5mins or more before they took it out...maybe close to 10mins.
  3. Zelmindy
    I was wondering how to make my own IEM and now I found the useful info here. Thanks for the tips. 
  4. proedros
    i will send the impressions over to Custom Art and if they are fine , fine - if not i will take them again , free of charge

    these are 1st world problems , we are privileged to discuss such matters when the whole planet goes down in flames [​IMG]
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  5. neilvg
    Hey guys - I've been trying unsuccessfully for 4 months now to get the new UERR's to work for me. I've never been happy with ciems but can get etymotics with medium or large foam tips to work.

    The issue is the headphones sound terrible - lows cut off - but bass is pretty good - and muffled unless i lay on my back. I have taken the ear impressions twice now, the second time w a large bite block held steady no clenching the first time medium w/ a medium block. In both cases i was seated looking forwards.

    Why does it only sound good and perhaps seal well when I lie flat on the bed? What should I do?
  6. davidcotton

    When you say you have the ear impressions taken twice, were they by you or by an audiologist?  Maybe you would be better off with a closed mouth impression if that was possible.  You would have to get an ok from your manufacturer if that were possible though.  IF they were diy go to an audiologist.  If it was an audiologist perhaps go with a different one in your area that  your manufacturer recommends if possible.
    Good luck
  7. Denzelwng4
    agree on this, get an audiologist recommended by your manufacturer
  8. neilvg
    It was done by a professional audiologist who is also my girlfriend. She has has a doctorate (AUD) and is very knowledgeable. We also sent closed mouth impressions to UE. They have been very kind and working with me -- but I wonder if my perticular ear anatomy is preventing a good seal. We've been going back and forth for four months now.

    Next is to try using the closed mouths. But since the iems sound good when I lay down I figured this might be a hint as to what is going on - for someone who knows. My gf does not in this case. Obviously my jaw is further back when i lay down --- but its odd that this improves the sound/seal since I took the impressikns sitting down and looking forward.

    Oh yes and I might add, in case you guys were thinking it might be the impressions technique -- I did this several years ago with a UE recommended AUD and had the same results. Eventually returned them after a few months of trying. But I REALLY want it to work and thought things would be different this time.

    Currently I have the universal UERMs and two pairs of custom UERR's all for testing. Even the universals sound terrible and dont fit right I guess
  9. gunnerwholelife
    I got my ciems reshelled from Inearz. I tried them for few hours and there's some discomfort on both earpieces that keeps on increasing overtime.
    I have attached a pic of where the issue is happening.
    Any suggestions ?
    I have already mailed them and waiting for a reply back.
  10. Denzelwng4
    with that, some ciem companies will ask you to go to a local audiologist and re-file that area IF the shell is thick enough...it happens to one of my ciem before
  11. proedros
    i have a scratch in my right ear at the exact point , the fit was not perfect , i had a slight pressure that caused a tiny scratch to my ear

    anyway i went to my audiologist and had the earpiece slightly sanded but i can not really understand if this is working as the scratch in the ear is still not healed and my ear hurts when i tried it so i have not worn them , 5 days after 

    is there a way to accelerate the healing process ? [​IMG]
    i want to feel some custom love soon [​IMG] 
  12. Mython Contributor
    You could try washing the cut with comfrey tea. Comfrey promotes cell-proliferation and has been used for centuries, to accelerate wound-healing (used externally, not internally!). You can actually buy it as a commercially-prepared cream, if you don't want to use the raw herb.
    However, this is not medical advice, so always consult your doctor, etc. etc. [​IMG] 
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  13. gunnerwholelife
    Just update on my issue.
    My ciem fit was perfect. The issue with my ears hurting was due to the memory wire near the earpiece. It was too tight and hence there was lot of pressure on that area marked in the picture.
    When I adjusted the memory wire, the pain went away.
    Inearz rocks !!
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  14. shiggins9
    gunnerwholelife  I had the exact same problem with my UE-18s reshelled by InEarz.  It took me a couple of days of slight pain to realize I could just re-bend the memory wire!  Glad it worked out for you.  
    I just read this entire thread as I plan to have InEarz reshell a set of JH16fp CIEMS.  My only complaint with my UE18s is that when I smile -onstage as I'm a keyboard player, I lose the seal and the bass disappears.  I think I will have another set of impressions made and go for 1" mouth open position and a half-smile.  During my last impression I had my face relaxed and mouth open and I have a great seal with a relaxed face.  But as I smile often (or formerly often before this bass seal issue), I think if I smile somewhat during the impression process, that would be closer to the facial expression I would have on stage while performing.  I realize this contradicts some info, even from Mython who is evidently very knowledgeable in this area.  But I think I'm wiling to take a bit of a risk on this one as at least my UE18s sound great -even though my facial expression makes me look like I'm a mannequin!  
  15. Mython Contributor
    I'm no more knowledgeable than plenty of other CIEM-enthusiasts on Head-fi
    I do often remind people that individual ear anatomy varies quite dramatically, from person to person, and, furthermore, that the degree to which one person's ear anatomy changes, during jaw movement, can also vary quote dramatically by comparison with another person.  It seems some people are unfortunate that their ear canal apparently goes through an above-average range of size/shape variation as their jaw moves.
    However, as you yourself are contemplating, even these unfortunate individuals may yet find that, when having new ear-impressions done, deliberately holding their jaw and face muscles in a position that is nearer (not necessarily all the way) to a particular facial position which currently causes them loss-of-seal, may yield a more-successful fit with the next set of CIEM shells.
    Quite a lot of the CIEM-related discussion, on head-fi, is geared towards audiophiles and enthusiasts, who generally listen with their jaw closed, save for the occasional yawn or biscuit/sandwich, whereas performers/musicians (especially singers) may move their jaws (and indeed the rest of their body, if dancing, playing an instrument, or jumping-around, on stage) substantially-more, by comparison. Accordingly, performers may find a different approach, such as the above, suits their needs better, in maintaining CIEM seal during a wider range of facial positions.
    Please let me know how you get on with the new CIEM shells, after your intentional smiling, when you get your new impressions done. Seriously- I'd be interested to know if it works for your specific needs [​IMG]
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