Thieaudio Monarch MKII cable upgrade recommendations
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Mar 12, 2012
I do not like stock cable at all it’s to heavy keeps it’s memory ear hooks not comfy.

I am looking for recommendations for a very supple light modular cable up to £200
That also improves sound on the stock cable

I have my eye on the thieaudio Oceania anyone have any experience with this cable ?

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If you want to stick with modules cables (I’m assuming you mean ones with interchangeable plugs) Dunu’s would probably be your best bet. I’ve never used one but they are well made and are supposed to be on the lighter side. If you went with the gray one [(~$75) which comes with the SA6] bare in mind it only comes with a 3.5mm plug and the rest are about $25 per. The one named Amber (~$100usd) comes with all three.

Edit: they have other modular cables for ~$200 and $300 or more. But unless you like the way they look and are willing to pay for it,…
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The new Amber looks very nice.
Really like cable on Dunu SA6, much better than one on Monarch MKII, interchangeable connectors mechanism also much better, will probably grab Amber for myself.

Just found intro in sponsor thread
Thanks for the reply.

I actually ordered a DUNU DUW03 cable yesterday with a extra 4.4 plug

I’ve found there cables great in the past,Hope it improves over the stock cable.
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I've been using the Null Audio Ethos on my Monarch Mk II. It's awesome. Good quality, lightweight, and the aesthetic fits the Mk II well too. Also one small thing: the Null Audio 2 pin connectors are the 'short' kind that sit perfectly flush with the Mk II - helps with cable routing.
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Funny you mentioned it, I had bloated bass on Monarch MKII out of my desktop amp in balanced mode with OEM cable.
Here's the post. But when switched to Amber, this bloat is gone, balanced still has little more bass impact but you really need to listen for that.
No idea what they put into stock cable, may be there is some resistor.

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