These are my go-to cans for part of the audio work I do.
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Jan 30, 2009
I just found this review. I've had these for a few years now and for some reason I just decided to do a search for what others think of these cans.
I do post production audio work and part of the work I do involves checking fades and also checking audio material for clicks/pops and these headphones are essential to me for this. They provide amazing isolation and because of that, I'm able to take my work outdoors and are able to listen for minor clicks/pops to fix; they make it possible to focus on work and not be bothered by things happening around me. I wear them so often that I thought I'd pitch in and let others know of a couple of mods I've made to mine:
In the years that I've had these (8 or so) I've replaced the OEM headband on these twice. The headband that Sennheiser designed for this model is pretty flimsy, the "zip lock" fastener rips after a while so I decided to check for alternatives on eBay and found a seller that sells a vinyl cushion that you tape under the headband itself (why didn't Sennheiser think of that?) I found it for a few bucks cheaper than the replacement Sennheiser headband and I've had it for over a year without signs of wear or indication that it's going to be coming off (I wiped the plastic with rubbing alcohol before sticking the pad on there). The replacement pad I found costs under $10 shipped from China.
I replaced the original coiled cable because it's actually short without having to stretch it. When you do stretch the cable, there's a strong enough tension that can hurt you if you're not careful if it accidentally unplugs from your amp/device (and hurting myself this way is what prompted me to change it out). You'd be surprised how often this can happen if you're moving around while wearing these. I added a female 3.5mm jack on the left driver (soldered the 4-pin harness to it) and made a cable using Canare mini star quad. If for some reason I damage the cable, I can quickly replace it with any 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect if I'm not at home to build/repair the one I have (it would also be a cheaper replacement than having to buy a replacement OEM cable at $35).

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