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Aug 14, 2009
Hey to all Head-fiers;
I have to say joining this forum has encouraged me to spend an amount of money on headphones that I previously would never have done. Before I thought spending more than $20US on a pair of headphones was ridiculous but then I joined Head-fi and I realized great sound quality comes with a price tag.

My first headphone was a JWin JHV100B which sounded okay but was completely destroyed after 4-5 years of use and abuse. I invested in another pair as well as a JWin JHV800 and I realized that these mediocre pairs of headphones just did not satisfy me anymore but managed to discourage me from listening to any of my music all together leaving me rather frustrated as I need to listen to music at the end of the day. Many a time I was tempted to just take a hammer and have a go at them as the poor sound quality was driving me insane but did not as I did pay money for it. In an attempt to find a pair that would suit me I joined Head-fi and boy was I in for treat. There is so much information and opinions on so many brands and models of headphones. Like a child in a candy store I was indecisive but after a few weeks of serious contemplation I finally found one I wanted and could afford.

Now I have decided to invest in a pair of Ultrasone PRO-550’s and I am hoping for the best. These cost $235US which is $215US more than I would have ever thought of spending on a pair of headphones. Thanks to
Head-fi I am going the extra 215…dollars that is…

Head-fi is filled with temptations. Even though you know it’s going to be bad for your wallet, you still stay on as you cannot and do not want to leave.

No wonder so many ppl told me “Sorry about your wallet” when I now joined as Head-fi may truly be dangerous to my wallet’s health…but great sound quality is worth it.
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Sep 24, 2008
Same here. I always thought the "Sorry about your wallet" phrase was a joke and countless warnings such as "Buy the MS1 and leave this forum forever!" were just sarcastic remarks. But oh how I was wrong..

Hopefully you'll like the PRO550s man. However, I don't intend for you to regret your purchase but for the price you paid, going second-hand could have gotten you quite a lot more than just the PRO550s :\
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Jan 22, 2008
what brings you to head-fi in the first place shows that you were already interested in audio but didnt believe how good it could get. for example I for one didnt believe that a speaker costing more that $10,000 was justified but when I listened to some expensive setups I was blown away and I only wish that one day I could be able to afford one of those, and music is very important to me so spending money on audio equipment wont be a difficult choice. sorry for my english.

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