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The Ultimate Portable Solution of The Future

  1. christoffer.braathen
    The Ultimate Portable Solution of The Future
    IEM Re-Wired, Integrated Fully Balanced Battery and/or USB Powered AMP and Asynchronous USB or FireWire 24/06(192) DAC
    I've been a member for over a year now, but only educated myself reading some of the excellent and in depth posts/comments and reviews until now.
    I'm currently researching for the Ultimate Portable Solution, and have an idea about what it should be, but really need expert advice and help in selecting products that both fit together, and have the right featureset.
    I want to use custom IEM (In Ear Monitors), like:
    1. Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Pro
    2. Ultimate Ears 18 Pro
    3. Unique Melodu (UM) Aero SH.
    Then I want to re-wire them with the best possible (but flexible/usable) balanced cables.
    Suggestions to cables would be appreciated.
    They should be used with the best possible fully balanced battery operated portable amp.
    The only Balanced amps I have only com across are:
    1. Ray Samuels Audio (RSA) Emmeline The Protector
    2. iBasso PB1 Toucan
    If my dream scenario, the amp would also feature an integrated asynchronous USB or FireWire 24/96 (192) DAC, but until now, I not found any portable products that offer this, so I guess a separate DAC is the only viable solution - if that exist.
    Very few DACs have the ability to output a balanced signal, but I do not have the deep product knowledge theat Head-Fi users have, so I was hoping for some help here.
    So far, the only balanced portable DAC I have found is the:
    1. iBasso DB1 Boomslang Portable Balanced USB DAC
      (This DAC however, is not asynchronous and does not offer a HD resolution (24/96 (192)) chip.)
    So, the quest continues, and I hope that you guys can help me find Portable Nirvana :)
    Thanks in advacne,
    Christoffer Braathen
    Oslo, Norway
    18-pro_1.jpg jh16pro_MED.jpg

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