The ultimate dilemma, e4 vs. e5
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Dec 29, 2005
So I am now the proud owner of the Shure e4 and Shure e5. Now I have to pick one as my wallet is in pretty poor shape. I wasn't going to buy the e5, it never seemed reasonable to spend so much money on headphones. But I wanted something that I could use in the library that sounded good. So I bought the e4 and used it with my laptop. But my laptop had problems, weird background noises and poor overall sound quality to name a few. So I bought an Echo Indigo and naturally I wanted to see just how good my Indigo could sound and here I am trying to choose between the E4 and the E5.

The E5 is much more dynamic because of it's dual drivers, it hits my brain in ways the E4 just can't even though the E4 does have better highs. The E5 is less comfortable than the E4 with its larger drivers and those irritating memory wires. The E5 is uglier than the E4 with its clear casing vs. the E4s sleek grey awesomeness. I can sell the E4 for ~$150 but the E5 can sell for ~$300. But I think I need the E5. Obviously this is a decision I have to make but it's a hard one, if I could magically turn my E5 into an E500 I bet everything would be better.

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