the truth ???
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#4 Any sub $10 bud you can find at Wal-mart or Best Buy
#5 Shure E4c


Some of the cans he listed are actually pretty good with an ipod, but it seems like he's pulling a lot of stuff of his *** just to fill up the pages
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Originally Posted by buddha911 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Why are E4c's after stock apple ibuds and any ten dollar piece of crap at wal mart?
And where the hell can you get Sr-325i's for $200?

I never liked the e4c'a myself, but inferior to the Apple buds? He's just being contrarian.
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Opinions are like a holes.

I get the feeling that this guy doesn't explore all that much, and if he's only counting the headphone out, and no amp, as his only source of listening... well than that would say alot, wouldn't it?

How much has this guy spent in the pursuit of his great goodness of low-budget hi-fi? He talks about "the great cable myth" as if he has equipment capable of exposing such differences. If he thinks $14 ear buds are the end all of Hi-fi, whats he got for a home system, a clock radio?

Pfft. :p
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SR-80 flat, that made my day.
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the man thinks he is the last word in what's good and what's not in audio reproduction. to disagree with his conclusions only results in being called "mindless". his affliction is called megalomania.
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Originally Posted by buddha911 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
He's a huge, arrogant effing *****hole. Look at the rest of his site, it's very dumb, i think an engineer would be a little smarter.

I just had a browse of the rest of the site. ROTFL. Seems to be some guy with a mid-life crisis saying "please look at me"

And before anyone says, yes I would say it to his face

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