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The NL/BE/DE Members' Lounge

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  1. laen

    T h e   N L / B E / D E   M e m b e r s '   L o u n g e

    This lounge, aimed at people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, aims to become the West-Central European Never Ending Story: topic without an end having general chatter, source for the creation of events, and perfect way to stay up to date on what's happing around you. Lets get connected!
    - m o a r . .
    IRC channel #DBGHeadphoneGeeks at Slashnet.org
    Page United Dutch/Belgium/German Headphone Geeks at Google+
    - r e c e n t   e v e n t s . .
    Dutch/ Belgian/ German Headphone Meet 18-11-2012:  Initiation - Photos and Impressions!
    - u p c o m i n g . .
    Dutch (/ Belgian/ German) Headphone Meet 2014: date TBA!
  2. Tilpo
    I think you should allow people from Luxembourg in here as well.
  3. laen

  4. Coop
    Wasn't the upcoming meet supposed to be in Gronau?
  5. laen

    Uuuh, no idea, Ultrazino mentioned Dusseldorf enough to make it stick in my mind I guess. Any info is welcome (even if it's invite-only).
  6. Coop
    I think Sephino is the man to ask...
  7. Ultrazino
    Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf hot girls Düsseldorf hot Japanese moms Düsseldorf sake Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf
  8. laen
    Koss Porta Pro Classic received!
    Didn't quite expect the "Classic", neither did I expect that box..
    20121124_124602.jpg 20121124_124733.jpg

    Not sure if legit, most checks say yes.. but hey, descided to use them already before checking the impendance (don't have the meter here), and defenitly liking the sound. Even though the soundstage seems a bit wonky at times. More pics (with the possible non-legit things) at http://plus.google.com/b/100237886830411232700/115155831297720889377/posts/fRJxNvLaDFK.
    Edit: the right ear/speaker seems to have some trouble sometimes, as if it is loose and starts to sound distorted/blown up.. shaking the headphones helps weird enough!
  9. Tilpo

    Did I hear 'sake' and 'Japanese'?

    Where do I sign up? :cool:

  10. HolyCheese
    A friend of mine is looking for a new portable headphone. Sound quality isn't the most important. He wants good isolation and 'normal' looks. So the PortaPro's are out of the picture.
    He found the Sennheiser HD228. Is this a good choice?
  11. Ultrazino
    Funny how "a friend" always implies budget. :D I thought Dr. Dre fixed that...
  12. HolyCheese
    Well I convinced him (and most of my other friends) to not go to good ol dre. When I was looking for headphones I couldn't help but notice that the more bang for your buck headphones are, the more ugly they become. I'm talking about Koss Portapro here. I find them prety cool looking but you won't find these on a non 'audiophile' head.
    By the way, that guy made 110 million dollars just because of his headphones. And P. Diddy made somewhere around 42 million with selling batteries.
    Anyway, it's really a shame that they don't care about sound quality. When I started taking my headphone one the go, around 1.5 year ago, everybody thought I was a fool. Now I see the huge amount of disadvantages of portable headphones (and iems) so i'm going custom. Let's just hope that will fix al my damned problems so I can take one pair of equipment with me and walk, run, take the bus or whatever without another anoying problem.
    My guess is this whole trend about headphones will stop in 2 or 3 years. Altough I must say heaphones did become more beautifull. eg. the Momentum or Philips uptown. Please note that I am NOT talking about all the beats by whatever crap that's on the market. 
  13. Deep Funk
  14. laen

    Batteries? :p Heh.. gotta look that up, so not making sense lol.

    Let me know (or us, I mean) how that works out and where you got them etc! Not planning to do that, but damn interested nonetheless!
  15. HolyCheese
    I will let you know! Shells are currently being made so it shouldn't take that long anymore. I will let you know everthing about it when I've tested them :)
    Oh and I found out about that p diddy thing in veronica magazine(tv guide), they showed some bijbaantjes of some rappers.
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