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The (new) V-Shaped club

  1. Sayaadisme
    I posted in recommendations but I think I can get a better response here.

  2. YonnieVenaux
    The JVC HA-MR77x's should be added to the list at once, as they were doubtlessly designed for this club. The 77x's exhibit a stark contrast between soul-shatteringly deep bass and suffocated midtones. The treble while also underrepresented, is not quite as pronouncedly recessed. Thus, this particular "V" is slightly lopsided, but no less exemplifies the essence of the sound signature.
  3. Incognito101
    I enjoyed the Lenntek Sonix 3's while I had them... until the left driver went out. They had a very rich and full sound.
    I was able to get good sound out of the Velodyne vPulse by using EQ, but I would have liked them to come from the factory with sound like this. I used VLC preset "Soft Rock" with +10db Preamp Gain. They now sound a lot like what you would get from a movie theater/surround sound system, which I enjoy the most, as it really draws you into the sound and makes you feel like you are part of the action.
  4. Venture Guy
    I think the AKG N90Q should be added to the list. If you set the EQ knob to "exciting" it does V-Shape with stunning acoustics. Bass you can feel and treble that sparkles without being sibilant or strident. In fact, it was these cans that made me realize that I really like the V-Shape. A neat thing about the N90Qs is that you can go from V-Shape to reference with the touch of a knob. So on those occasions when you hanker for the reference SS you don't need another set of cans.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017

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