The new matrix mini-pro 2s, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by dellafago, Jan 10, 2017.
  1. dellafago

    I am considering the new matrix mini pro2s version. Has anyone have thoughts or experince on this version. As far as I understand the main difference between pro2s and the former pro2 models should be sabre 9026 dac used in the new version. Instead of its dac feature ( I have a large hires archive including dsd), I will be using the dac's pre outs as well to control my power amp and also its headphone amp for grado 225 cans.

    I nowadays searched a lot to find a good and affordable dac/pre to suit my needs and came accross with this new version. The other option I read good feedbacks was gustard x20 but the latter (the new x20 pro version with 9028 chip) is 25~30% more expensive than matrix pro2s which I would like to avoid unless there will be a significant benefit of gustard over matrix dac.

  2. eXelero

    just wanted to let you know that I'm a happy user of the Matrix Mini-i Pro 2S + Matrix M-Stage HPA-3B combo (connected via balanced), output into balanced LCD-2s -- and I gues I can't be (much) happier than I am right now! was consulted by a local retailer in my city to go for this affordable setup, and I must admit I'm pretty much blown away! this is EXACTLY the sound I was looking for! :)
  3. noway
    Been using it for over a year now. Very impressed with this DAC. In my system, which uses a professional balanced power amplifier, I prefer it configured as a DAC rather than a PRE with my active balanced preamp driving the power amp. I haven't had the chance to test it with headphones since I prefer speakers.

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