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The Mighty 596

  1. Amphibica
    I decided to buy a Woo Audio WA6-SE after plugging my Audeze LCD2 into one (Q Cables).

    I bought my WA6-SE stock from Audio Advisor, no upgrades.

    Now the original amp that so impressed me had a USAF 596 rectifier, so I knew I'd never find the sound I was after without one, but, well... I purchased an Emission Labs 5U4G rectifier (pictured left) and - after it burned in - I truly came to marvel at its... evenness.
    I finally purchased a 596 (and adaptor) (pictured right), and WOW! The Magic's Back, Baby! So... a toast! To the Mighty 596!
    Cheers! Headphones.jpg 2015-08-1017.27.44.jpg

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