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The Member-Judged Fine Art Head-Fi Gallery

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  1. Here's the plan:  
    Post only your most "artistic" photos of Head-Fi gear to this thread and stand by to remove your photo if it fails to generate any acclaim! 
    I want this gallery to be self-policed.  The mandate here is that posters will exercise some measure of humility in deciding whether their image is actually worthy of posting to this gallery, in the first place.
    Just like your local cruise night, where you know better than to circle through the drive-in with a car that's less than spectacular, that's how each of us should regulate our posts to this thread - with humility and respect for the people who really know what they're doing.   
    Post only photographs you have taken, but feel free to invite other members to post their most awesome photos here.
    Headphones, amps, DACs, cables, anything Head-Fi is fair game, but please don't include pictures of people - just gear - with whatever you like for backgrounds.
    This is not a photos-only thread.  Please include text to identify the equipment you've photographed and anything you'd like to say about the taking of the photograph.
    This is not a gear discussion thread.  It's OK to discuss the photos, of course - but not the performance of the gear.
    Everyone is free to post comments and questions about the photos, of course.
    Now here's the tough part:  If, after your image has been on display for a few days, it hasn't received at least one appreciative comment from another member, please consider editing the post, reducing it to a "."    (Ouch!)   
    That's it for "rules." 
    Let's make this photo gallery something special.  [​IMG] 
  2. zilch0md
    I'll start off with what is literally the only photograph I've ever taken of Head-Fi gear that I consider to be worthy of this gallery - my apologies for those who have seen it a hundred times already!   
    Sony PCM-M10 > iBasso PB2 Pelican > Toxic Cables Silver Poison > LCD-2 Rev.1
    Now, I'm going to send a few PMs to people whose photographs I admire...
  3. zackzack
    Burson Audio sent me a pair of Audeze to test with
    their Soloist. I couldn't resist photographing them.
    Amazing headphones with bottomless bass and the
    Burson seems incapable of driving it to distortion.
    I was at 4PM on the Soloist volume knob (!)
    & the Audeze seems to want more, more & more.
  4. zilch0md
    Hey zackzack,
    Thanks for contributing!  I like the diffuse backlight in those close-ups!  
    I wish Burson had sent me a loaner LCD-3 when I bought the Soloist.   [​IMG]
  5. woodcans
    I hadn't seen it yet. The contrast of wood on leather is cool!
  6. zilch0md
    Thanks!  I wish some other folks would jump in, though.
    I didn't create this thread just to showcase the only really good Head-Fi picture I've ever taken.  LOL
    My hope is that this will become a thread where we can come to see the very best photos of the thousands that have been posted to Head-Fi. 
    I guess I'll have to go hunting and send out some more PMs to people who have posted great shots.
  7. woodcans
    My most recent favourite. Hope you all like it.
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  8. zilch0md
    That's beautiful Woodcans!  
    What is it?  LOL
    You know that I know, but not everyone knows...  [​IMG]
    You've probably got 50 photos of those critters by now, eh?
  9. Exediron Contributor
    Okay, sure - I'll bite:
    My late and somewhat lamented Tesla T1, when it was new and shiny. The JVC HP-DX1000 that replaced it still needs a proper portrait...
  10. eke2k6
    Final Audio Design Piano Forte VIII
    mr.speakers Alpha Dog
  11. zilch0md
    Holy cow!   That's awesome, Exediron!   Thanks for hanging that one on the gallery wall!   The light is amazing!  I love the wood, too.  And your selective focus is perfect. Really nice!
  12. zilch0md
    Whoa, eke2k6!  All three of those images share a common style -  dark and ominous!  Great shapes emerging from nowhere.  Well done!  
    Update:  I have to add - the Alpha Dog couldn't possibly be made to look any better.  
  13. woodcans

    x2. Love those shots, eke.
  14. Brooko Contributor
  15. FullCircle
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com
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