The hate on beats, why?
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Oct 1, 2011
I've been lurking around for a few days now in this forum. One thing that everyone keeps saying is that beats sucks, but no one really explain why other than it's expensive. I've just tried one pair out and I thought they sounded good to my ears, now keep in mind that I've really not tried any good headphones. I've only bought things that were fairly cheap and easy to find.
If we just based soley on the sound of the headphones do you still say it's bad? 
Can anyone articulate more on why you hate beats?
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Their mids and treble clarity is really horrible.  People hate on them because you can find a good number of entry level headphones that do the same thing sound wise.  
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Yes, the beats, and a lot of those entry level headphones, are aiming for bassheads.  Not just any basshead either, but bassheads who listen to modern music.  Most modern music is mid-bass oriented with little emphasis on sub-bass, and that's what the beats and a lot of other cheap headphones aim for as well.
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They're aimed at consumers who've generally only heard stock buds or skullcandys.
The Beats are disliked here because they have a poor price to performance ratio. They're hated because it's cool to do so.
Ok, but aren't they trying to aim for bassheads? 

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]You've only heard they're expensive because that is their problem. You pay alot for the decent performance you get on them. Not all Beats are all terrible all the time. You just pay alot for the performance you do get.
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Every hobby needs a villain.  Beats (also Bose and Skullcandy) fulfill that role in this one.  Most people haven't experienced high-quality headphones, so it's easy to think that Beats and other products aren't that bad, given that they do sound better than stock iBuds and such.  I don't hate them, I merely find that you're paying for the product image rather than the product quality.  If your number one goal is a fashion accessory that will make you hip with the urban crowd, they're exactly what you want, but if you're looking for great sound at a reasonable price, you can find much cheaper products that sound similar, but far better.
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They really sound bad.  My little brother bought the Solo.  So much bass, but it's not even a good bass.  The sound is just dark and muddy.  The Bose don't deserve their hate.
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Well, if you would like to spend $300 and want something similar to the Beats, look at Ultrasone's line, they look nice, have a lot of bass but are actually well rounded.  Those are good headphones.  If you don't mind open headphones, the AKG K701 are GREAT headphones.
If you are more in the Solo territory, get the Bose OE2. 
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I don't think the Solo is a good representation of the Beats line. According to Innerfidelity it is easily the worst by far.
They really sound bad.  My little brother bought the Solo.  So much bass, but it's not even a good bass.  The sound is just dark and muddy.  The Bose don't deserve their hate.

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We don't hate beats because they are expensive. We hate the Beats because they are Overpriced. If I could afford a pair of Sennheiser HD 700s, I would get them immediately, and that's going over 1K $. Next, we get angry because a lot of people get scammed into buying beats and then brag about it and we get called out for not wearing Beats. With Beats you are basically paying for the brand names.
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Probably because some people (me included) find people who buy headphones as a fashion statement and blindly follow what everyone else does to try and look cool.... And are so easily fooled by marketing and advertising..... irritating... Also they don't sound very good for the money.

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