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Nov 9, 2009
Only you can answer that.  On my 530s, I am quite satisfied with the pleather.  I like the velour on the HD 560s.  $27 won't break the bank, but it's something.  If your skin is sensitive to heat, velour might be more comfortable in the dog days of summer, but in a mildly aircondtioned house, you should be all right with either.  For sound, there is a slight sound difference between my two headphones, but I believe it has more to do with the housing than the pads, though the latter may be a small factor.  Not a major difference.  Cheers!
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Aug 21, 2015
I have a hd530 600ohms, which I experimented with them quite a bit, they were an impressive can to begin with but I still modded them and removed the inner filter looking layer so that you can see the drivers straight from the outside, and I removed the foam inside and popped holes with a pin on the white paper around the drivers, and made the headband more tighter in an interesting way with a rubber band, I Use Tidal HIFI as my music streamer software, A Yulong D100 DAC and a Little Dot amp with mullard tubes to power them up (I have an O2 as well but the tube has a more natural sound), oh and I do use a good software eq to add some mid bass and some upper highs 16khz for some nice air, yes i add highs. That said I prefer these over Philips X2, AKG K500, K400, K240 sexttet EP, LP, Telefunken th 600 of which I directly compared against each other, And probably HD600 and Beyerdynamic T90s which I had before but did not directly compare them against each other, They Simply have a more authentic sound, very clear, and I love their clear highs on the Tube amp, I have yet to find another headphones that brings out such a detailed but natural and emotion filled sound especially with voices. great artists sound even more better then i have ever heard, i connect with them and to the energy of that moment the song was being created easier then before with this headphones they are very comfortable as well mine came with a spongy type of cloth pads which i like and with the holes I made, very breathable as well. I am well In Love with them and to think with all these years have passed and the Improvement of sound should be big but thats not the case, Only the price tags
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Jun 10, 2020
I've had a pair of HD 530ii since the 90's and absolutely love them. My first pair bit the dust, so I found another on Ebay a few years ago. The driver has finally gone in this pair, so I am looking at getting something else. Please can anyone suggest what an equivalent modern headphone would be? I don't think it's as simple as getting a pair of HD 600s or HD 650s?
I love the soundstage of Sennheisers and the clear highs for vocals and strings.
Any suggestions?

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