The Ear Pads Thread

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  1. shuto77
    Considering how drastically pads can alter the sound signature of headphone, and how they may or may not fit, I think we should create some kind of sticky to post impressions of pads. 
    This way, we can have one consolidated place in case someone is curious about a certain pad, or certain headphone. Also, we can mention if you need any other items to complete the installation. For example, I've purchased pads for Hifiman headphones and Fostex headphones with new pads, but didn't understand I needed those mounting rings. 
    By indexing our findings, I think we can make this thread much more helpful. 
    Any thoughts?
  2. Arzach
    Does anyone know of a good quality pair of pads on aliexpress? (sennheiser size)
  3. Allanmarcus

    there are many pads that are "sennheiser size". Which headphones?
  4. Arzach
  5. Allanmarcus

    Those are the cheap versions! Again, it would help to know what headphones you what the pads for.
  6. Arzach
    Sony ma 900, they say they fit the brainwavz in the 3d. How is the quality of the aliexpress velour though?
  7. elektro86
  8. Zenbun

    What size is that paracord? Also was it hard to fit those pads on the headphones?
  9. Share2Care
    Aloha Senoritas et Amigos!
    Hope all is well.
    I have 2 pairs of headphones to which I would really appreciate some help, guidance and suggestion on both their pads.
    Firstly, a wired pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 - Are there any pads that are available? A selection is always welcome (cheeky, I know). With the earpads at stock, I certainly am impressed by the noise isolation and yes they are comfortable BUT they turn into a furnace for my ears after 30 minutes which leads to some beautiful ear sweating....or NOT!
    So a pair of pads that breathe more would be amazing. I understand I may lose some noise isolation, but they are not comfortable without any help!
    Lastly, which pads are typically looked at for a pair of Hifiman HE-400i? Any particular reasons for changes? What are perceived benefits from them? Any info would be really appreciated.
  10. gug42

    I'd like to test new pads.
    For you, wich one is the most confortable and mellow (like an old good leather armchair), the alpha pads or the zmf oval cowhide ?

    Thank you !
  11. shuto77
    Both are very comfortable pads, and typically work well with most headphones, but there are certainly exceptions. What headphones are you looking to pair them with?
  12. FreshFromTheGrave
    Hey everyone! I'm desperately trying to find some replacement pads for the Sennheiser HD485. They stopped making pads for these a couple years ago and there is no stock left anywhere! The eBay knockoffs are all pleather and don't get very good reviews so trying to avoid those (stock HD485 pads were a sort of cheap velour).

    The main third party pad appears to be the HM5s which can be made to fit the HD485s (like this: but I'm worried that's going to change the sound signature too much since they're way thicker and way bigger than stock.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    (Dimensions if they help: Outer: 10x8x2cm Inner hole: 6x5cm)
  13. default username
    I am searching for new earpads for the Sennheiser HD 250 Linear 2 bought in 1996.

    The company have discontinued that product but the earpads look much like a lot of others. The phones are meant to be closed for using the microphone. The original ones were some kind of pleather which was closed so I like leather ones the most. The pads are 105mm with an opening between 55 - 60mm. I still got the original attachment rings for clicking the pads into the headphone. I do not like products that I have to buy
    via paypal or ebay, only like to order products from a normal shop.

    Has somebody ever managed to attach earpads from other models with leatherlike material?
  14. GREQ
    I owned the HD540 Reference which uses some of the same modular parts as the 250 linear.
    I found that Hifiman pads gave the best fit and sound.
    But since you're dealing with a closed-back version I can't predict how well this combination will turn out.

    AKG K550 pads will also fit.
    As will Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro pads.
    But I have no idea how the sound will react.
  15. default username
    Thank you, that sounds very promising. Only the beyerdynamic custom one pro pads seem to be available in normal shops. But how can you be sure that they really fit? It is about millimeters. They must be totally closed for the microphone. Will the attachment rings of the HD250 fit the pads? The sound is less important because the 250 doesn't sound good at all, too much high, sibilant. Maybe I will buy beyerdynamic custom studio headphones but they probably also have much high, I don't know.
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