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The decline of tattoo rebellion

  1. Spareribs
    Back in the old days, the only few people who had tattoos were people who were true deviants of society. Maybe they were involved with organized crime, out laws or tough guys who were who soldiers in a war and saw the horrors of destruction. People who had tattoos could also be a part of an under ground society and had alternative points of views.

    These days everyone has a tattoo and it's not just rebellious people anymore. The housewife lady who works at the post office has a tattoo or the lady who works at the super market has one too. That guy who works in the office has a tattoo under his dress shirt but shows it off on the summer weekends to let the world know that he's hip and likes to party a little.

    That chef at the trendy restaurant has a sleeve of tattoos and cooks a mean delicious salmon dish. Even moms and dads who are proper law abiding citizens have tattoos and nobody is scared of tattoos anymore.
  2. pbui44
    Good luck showing your tattoos in a hospital setting. It will even possibly scare the kids. It all depends on the setting in the US.

    If you want to see how tattoos are looked upon in South Korea, just click here:


    I saw the one with British chick walking around showing her tatts all over South Korea, but there are plenty more videos in the search link.
  3. Spareribs
    Tattoos are increasing in Asia. Eventually tattoos will be as common as a wrist watch.
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    The Illustrated Man, the sci-fi movie with Rod Steiger, a classic. The book was written by Ray Bradbury.
  5. crazychile
    Tatoos are trendy. I don't have any and people are free to make their own decisions. I don't judge. I get the whole self expression thing and if thats your gig then so be it.
    I was at the waterpark the other day with the kids and I've never before seen so many fat women with bad tats...eww.

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