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The decline of JNCOs

  1. Luke Pighetti
    Back in the 90s, whenever you looked outside, kids would be running around with big floppy jeans. They were a display of independence and youth. These days, everyone wears spandex jeans. You rarely see any JNCOs.
    Maybe in some obscure thrift stores of places like Portland Oregon you may see some JNCOs hanging on a rack, but for the most part, JNCO jeans have declined.
  2. Supurderek
    Lol. That's crazy. But fashion is fashionable in the eye of the beholder.
    Luke Pighetti likes this.
  3. DoctorZoidberg
    Why is this a thread?
  4. pbui44

    Someone hit the "Start a New Thread" button. :wink:

    I still see many business-looking women wearing dress-slacks like this, but women can get away with much more than men with fashion. :p
  5. Luke Pighetti
    Surely I'm not the only one who has noticed @Spareribs wonderful threads [​IMG]
  6. scootermafia
    Actually Jnco got bought out recently and relaunched.  Go look it up.
  7. vapman

    I heard about this and couldnt believe it but forgot to see if any of them were remotely worth wearing.
    Thanks for the reminder OP.
    PS kids these days are all about the spandex pants cause they don;t have to lug around PCDP's!

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