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The decline of hair

  1. Spareribs
    This is common for so many guys as they get older. I remember in high school I knew this one dude who was losing his hair but I was still jealous of him because he was popular with the girls and I was not.
  2. WraithApe
    I think it's more of a recession than a decline. [​IMG]
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    I thought this was a thread about the unfashionable of long hair.
  4. Spareribs
    Good stuff. But I think I already talked about that last year after I noticed some old gentleman who in the 60s and 70s had long hair and still keep it long today.  
    In the world of celebrities, people like Greg Allman, Steve Howe and Willie Nelson still have their long hair. I like it.
  5. wink
    This is the best thread since alopecia.....    [​IMG]
  6. PL4Y3R 0N3
    Don't worry. There will be a recovery soon, and then we can just comb this all over.
  7. wink
    Have you heard about the bald man who had his head covered in rabbit tattoos.?
    That was so that from a distance they would look like hares.......   [​IMG]

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