The Coka-Cola Nazi Advert Challenge
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Aug 21, 2003
Full site here.

Not sure if this should be in TIO or here.

I knew some company had dealings with the Nazi regime but I didn’t know coke did.

I will look forward too seeing if any headfiers have an artistic bent and you never know I may even see some of them dispayed at the show

If you get chance check out the main site as Mark Thomas is one of the funniest activists I know about.

For example check out the debt collector

In responce to an anti-war protestor who was arrested for wearing a screw Bush T-Shirt (because it could "incite racial hatred") , 'front of T-Shirt' and 'back of shirt' they have published the names and contact details of the two arresting officers so you can send them your thoughts about the arrest.

Also during a protest about the Ilisu dam they managed to build a 20ton ice carving of a dam outside the companies headquaters (it was funny to see the reaction of the PR officer when the 'Artist' explained what the peice was about.


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