The Burson Soloist Voyager! The sexy new flagship Headphone Amp / Preamp - Pure Class-A, 10 Watts XLR
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Aug 6, 2015
New Flagship from Burson Audio - Headphone Amp / Preamp - Pure Class-A, 10 Watts XLR

Unveiling at CanJam Dallas 2023 - Look for it from the Audeze and Bloom Audio tables!​

Product page:

10Wpc @ 16ohm
2 mirror-symmetrical, independently powered amps inside
Each channel has its own MUSES72320 resistor ladder + Burson discrete buffer volume control
Shipping with Burson Silent Power Modules 02
Retailing 3500USD


Pure Class-A, Mirrored Dual Mono, Fully Balanced

The Voyager features two separate and independently powered amplifiers inside, Eliminating cross-channel distortion and creating a lifelike soundstage with powerful dynamics.

Burson Opamps – A house sound 20 years in the making

With nearly two decades of experience, we have crafted discrete audio op-amps for a diverse clientele, including DIY enthusiasts, recording engineers, and manufacturing partners. The Voyager’s signal path features Burson op-amps at every stage, delivering the renowned Burson house sound—rich, dynamic, and transparent.

The Sound Of Silence

The quality of electricity used in audio amplification is just as crucial as the quality of water used in cooking.
The Voyager features our premium Silent Power Modules (SP02) within its internal power supply circuitry. With a noise level of just 0.8nVrms, our SP02 is more than 200 times quieter compared to conventional power regulators, guaranteeing a pitch-black sound stage for you to taste each musical note.

The Best Volume Control X 2

With a dynamic range of -112dB, industry aristocrats like Pass Labs and AVM swear by the MUSES72320 volume control. It is thus regarded as the most expensive analog volume controller available.
We go even further by implementing one MUSES72320 with a discrete buffer per channel, eliminating interference between channels.

Like Being There

The Voyager provides selectable hardware-based crossfeed for headphones and soundstage balancing for speakers, and it even offers a headphone+subwoofer listening mode.
Whether you’re listening through headphones or speakers, these features allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks just as you prefer.

The Soloist Voyager retails for $3500 and will be delivering before Christmas 2023
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dear burson audio

Please consider implementing a new user interface. It can be frustrating to have to press buttons seven times just to adjust the gain. Additionally, having a dedicated button for screen rotation seems unnecessary as it is not a frequently used feature. It would be beneficial to use common sense and rethink the placement of such buttons.
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Is this smaller or bigger than 3x gt?
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I got the email from them today - they offer 700 USD free upgrades if pre-order:

A Burson Super Charger 5A worth 400USD
Upgraded Silient Power Modules Level 2 worth 300USD

But I really don't like the design of this one... Too many corners... Looks alien tech, not sexy.
For sexy it must have curves...
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Aside from the lack of the fan, the specs seem identical to those of the new Soloist GT (launched 3 months ago…).

Or am I wrong?

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