The best usb dac???1000$$
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i want a usb dac for Marantz PM7001...listen music.............

sorry for the english...............
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the Benchmark will wipe the floor with the Pico anyday. it's not portable (AC power), but you could backpack it as a desktop league solution for use at home or work. Plus it's a Balanced source.

if youre into detail, you will definitely like it because it has plenty.

You might also add Lavry DA10 & twisted pear OPUS to the list.

the DAC1 is the best money ive spent on this hobby. i admit that i thought the built in headphone amp was only mediocre. I've come to realize that the entire package (individually or all together) is a very remarkable piece of equipment made for professional purpose.

I have the Opus arriving this week. I dont think it has a chance against the Dac1, but well see.
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The Pico is actually pretty decent when acting as source - just use a mini-jack->2x RCA phono adaptor, and use that to feed an amp.

However it has that solid-state edge that I can hear and makes me squirm when I hear it.

I'm very much into non-oversampling DAC and the Paradisea+ Dac came recommended in the $600 price bracket. I haven't had cause to regret buying it yet - a very musical DAC.

MHDT Labs have an upgraded Havanna model which I'm very interested in buying.

Also, Wavelength Audio might be worth checking out - they have a number of models ranging from their new Proton $900, up to silly money for the Crimson
Non-oversampling tech here as well.
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Originally Posted by pantapei10 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Apogee Mini-DAC

Aqvox USB-2 D/A MKII

Benchmark DAC-1 USB High END


Stello DA100 and DA220MkII (slightly over 1K)
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Originally Posted by DavidMahler /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You may be able to find a used Bel Canto DAC2 for around 1000..... I use the DAC3 and its unbelievably good.

The DAC 3 is a whole another ball game.

THE DAC2 was uninspiring compared to the Scott Nixon USB Chibi.

I woiuld suggest his tube buffered version.

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