The best iPhone headset/phones EVAR~!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 5, 2006

On this day, the twelfth of July, in the year of Our Lord two thousand eight, let it be known that iPhone users can rejoice!

So for the past couple days I've taken to hanging around here again in the hopes of discovering a good solution for iPhone 'phones. The buds that come with it have a wonderful control clicker/microphone that allow you to not only talk to people in stereo without having to touch your phone, but you can answer and end calls, and start and stop the iPod function with it. It's pretty nifty.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the iPod 'buds don't sound all that great. Worse, they hurt my ears very badly after 20 minutes or so because of a poor fit. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers have come up with solutions that had all these features, and even fewer probably sound good, and worst of all for me, none of the better ones are affordable (currently my price range is about two dollars, having spent my last pennies on the iPhone 3G).

So, since I've been playing with this new-fangled thing, I've also been dragging out old 'phones, like the wonderful Koss A/250, my PX100s, and a broken pair of KSC75s (cable tore somewhere in the line on one of the phones).

So about an hour ago, it hit me: I have a pair of KSC75s that are useless, and a pair of iPhone earbuds that effectively useless because of extreme ear pain, but that has a wonderful little clicker on it. So I thought: why not put the KSC75 drivers on the earbuds' cable with the clicker?

So I did. And it is wonderful. Best possible solution, all for under $50, and under $20 if you already have the earbuds. Sorry about bad quality on the pics, but enjoy anyway:



If anyone else wants to try this mod, the mic/clicker wire is in the right channel, and it is red and green intertwined. It does not have to be soldered to anything in the headphone, and in fact in the earbuds themselves it simply terminated before it reached the driver. Since the wires are so thin, for ease of soldering I would highly recommend (carefully) cutting this wire a couple centimeters shorter than the hot wire and ground.

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