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The Bandcamp Music Discovery Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by taffy2207, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. starfly
    There was one metal obsessed dude spamming a few threads, but seems that he's been banned now, so hopefully we get a more balanced mix of music suggestions going forward.  Was honestly getting tired of his metal spam, stopped following all these threads.  But now I'm back :)
  2. Cagin
    Wow, how unfair of you.
    Taffy never ever spammed. He never repeatingly posted the same content.
    And he said multiples times to either ask for other genres or through appreciation message box if you liked it so he could post other stuff of the similar genre.
    He posted a wide audio palette too, not just metal. Made me discover hip-hop, jazz fusion, hard rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock, postrock, djent, piano chill mood stuff, other types I can't even remember and this is coming from someone that still dislikes metal in general.

    IIRC, he or his wife had request the ban. And I truly hope hope I'm wrong saying this, but seeing his location tag change "land of his fathers", I'm afraid he passed away.

    @brooko could you or a mod pm me about his status?
  3. Raketen

    "land of my fathers" is also the Wales national anthem, so could be that
    i think posting 5 or 6 albums the same day maybe a little overkill, but also understandable trying to get a thread going
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Taffy wasn't metal obsessed - he liked a wide variety of music, and some of my favourite Indy artists now were found because he posted the links.
    And he wasn't banned either.  He asked us to de-register his account - so he could concentrate on other things.  Thats why his account reads:
    It might show the "banned" tag - but its the only way we can do it with the software we use.  Personally I miss Taffy - and his input.  I'd post more (music) if I had the time.  I was never a metal fan - but he posted some truly great artists from other genres.
    Not 100% sure - but it may have even been him that introduced me to these guys
    I'll always be grateful to him for that one.
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  5. Raketen
    ere's an old favorite of mine

    derp, can never remember how to embed

  6. starfly
    It was spam in the sense that it was way too many posts at a time, kind of hard to follow everything, so I just started ignoring it all.  When posts come in more sparingly it's easier to follow and to give those artists a listen.  With Taffy around, if you weren't on the site for a few days you would have to comb to 50+ posts, kind of excessive.  Great that he was so enthusiastic, but in my opinion he was overdoing it.
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  7. wolfjeanne
    Some pretty great finds on here already - liking metal I guess helps :wink:
    I grab stuff from bandcamp now and then. The two albums I listen to a lot are
    Quixotic and the human experience - From the Outside Looking in

    Chill electronics, available for whatever price you name. Great for writing computer code to
    Les Soeurs Boulay - 4488 de l'Amour

    French-Canadian folk. Their first album was great too - won all sorts of awards as well I think.
    If These Trees Could Talk- Above the Earth, Below the Sky

    The first album of this post-rock group is lacking a bit in production, but makes up for it in the compositions. Think something like a more prog version of Explosions in the Sky
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  8. j4100
    I posted on another thread about Dead Meadow. Well, Jason Simon, the band's guitarist, has a solo album out with a selection of music that cuts across the folk and rock genres, though some of it remains rooted in psychedelia. Well worth a listen.
    Familiar Haunts by Jason Simon
  9. j4100
    If you like your music a bit out of the ordinary, take a listen to Alicia Merz's project, Birds of Passage - Winter Lady is an album of haunting beauty, with Alicia's voice over a minimalist drone backgroud. Stunning.
    Winter Lady by birds of passage
  10. Raketen
    Cool. Reminds me a little of this https://foveahex.bandcamp.com/track/we-sleep-you-bloom

    Liking this Chicago Underground Duo jam since it popped up in the feed:
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  11. j4100
    Excellent riposte! I'm a fan of Clodagh Simonds and managed to get a copy of the 3cd set, though unfortunately mised out on the 6cd box by a whisker.
    The Chicago / London Underground track on there has me tempted just to buy that album. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. TJ Elite
  13. j4100
    For those of us who regularly use BC to buy music will have seen the BC Daily -Everything is Terrific: The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review - for the rest, I'll post it here.
    Whilst there are many who still must have the physical media, for the most part (apart from my fave bands and local artists), I'll stick to digital. And, for the most part, I want the artist to be paid a fair rate for their work (i.e. not Spotify or their ilk). I have relented slightly in that if my wife wants something to put on her ipod, I'll often look for a free mp3 download. I don't feel guilty as I spend a good chunk of my disposable income on music, be it live or recorded. plus non-musical merch  (t-shirts, etc).
    Out of interest, what do other Head-Fi'ers do with their digital collection? Apart from my DAP and some albums on my pc, everything is backed up on two HDs. Just in case...
  14. wolfjeanne
    @TJ Elite Cool stuff! Is it family of yours?
    @j4100 haha finyl and cassettes sales are up: bandcamp has always been a good place for hipsters :wink: Good news for BC though. It's nice that they can provide a bit of a balance to the major record labels.
    j4100 likes this.
  15. j4100
    Heh. Can't believe I had to buy a couple of cassettes to get the download (it was a cassette-only release, but being on BC, you got the download as well). I liked the convience of tape for my 80s walkman, but hated everything else about it. Rarely buy vinyl and only recenly managed to get rid of most of my vinyl (except classical and jazz) in a job lot to a friend.
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