The "Are You Serious" Thread

  1. rellik
    Surprising based on how energetic Crimson colored they are. I believe they are a spin on the Solen style using a Crimson ore from the Aguilles mountains. Personally I prefer Garnet red. Cheaper too.

    For that color, please reference Dynamicap. Or Elna Cerafine.nah lets forget the Cerafine for its ultra piercing high end tone in its you know barber shoppe pole. Thats wierd Titanium... Just imagine what true silver would do. Personally I prefer German Gold with a tinge of Heavy Carameilzation for that wakeful relaxed vibe in true Electrolytics found in Nichicon KZ or gold tune.

    Auracap are really rare british gold, kinda just washes off of Heilegoland recently featured in Star Wars. Clarity cap are even rarer deep vein French Lucerne Cobalt vs French Cobalt ala Solen Metalized FEP and Sn lesof the gotta get it done. The Solen FEP and Foil use Grasse deep deep depp vein Copper for you know, that people person touch.

    The question is what is harder, continuously digging for the proverbial race or getting a bigger and bigger implosion for that almighty cave.

    Bulgarian Copper will just give really bad headaches. AKA special order stuff. Hence the Bvlgari signature :wink: Done.

    Can be found used in Arizona Cactus Series green caps. They do use Arizona paper though.

    Lets not forget Jantzen fixed aluminum. Alittle confusing/forgetful for my tastes... HAha. They are gentle on vintage tubes though.

    In conclusion, the permutations are endless. Capacitors that is.
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  2. Sodacose
    That Jolida looks like an SRPP rather than a cascode. Little bit better of a choice as an output driver but still pretty basic. I've heard this preamp a couple of times. It isn't bad but not all that inspiring either. Why they use opamp gain and RIAA stages followed by a tube SRPP output is a little puzzling. Probably a combination of marketing, the need to cover MM/MC compatibility, and not having to deal with the cost of SUTs or quiet high voltage supplies on the input.

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