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Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by todd, Jun 17, 2011.
  1. Todd Contributor
    HI All,
    Both Pete and I have been hard at work creating new products for the high end headphone listener. Our newest creation is the Apex High Fi Audio Arête. The Arête uses a single ended discreet JFET gain stage and the same MOSFET output stage as our Peak. It serves as both a headphone amplifier and a preamplifier.  The Arête is $1095 and comes with an external switching power supply and can be upgraded with our Volcano power supply!
    Save $50 if you order the Arête and Volcano together (the switching supply is not provided in this package) or upgrade to the Volcano later for $750.
    Both power supplies operate 110v - 240v,  50Hz to 60Hz
    The Arête is now in production and orders are being taken. The first amps will be shipping in 1-2 weeks. Get in line and order one of these great new amps now!
    The Arête front panel and top
    3 inputs and 1 line out make this a very versatile headphone amp/preamp!
    An inside look at the Arête
    Talk to you soon!
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  2. daveDerek Contributor
    it looks nice! i gather this is an update/upgrade from the fet-a amp, a seriously under appreciated and under reported on amp, around here, a somewhat warm and tubey, but never sloppy sounding amp. that was a sweet piece and i bet this is even nicer. certainly it is aesthetically and functionally  (given it's preamp functionality), and i bet it is sonically too. i'd love to get a listen. please sign me up for a loaner (you are doing a loaner program, right?). thanks, Todd!
  3. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Hi Todd and all,
    Thanks for having me over today Toddski.
    I wrote up a little blurb for you on InnerFidelity here.
    Thanks for wearing your Hawaiian shirt!

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