The 3D Printer Thread! :D
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Very nice. I'd love to buy a 3D printer Just for this.

Is there a good, budget 3D printer? I would only need a printing area of about 5x5x5

There are a couple... but it always depends on what you mean by budget.
Check this delta printer out. It's 8 days from funding and it looks like a high quality printer. It's still $700 CAD but that's pretty good considering that printers were in the thousands not that long ago.
In other news, my build is coming together. My only snag right now is that the original screws will not work. I'm going to need to head to the hardware store and buy some machine screws that will fit my design. So far, so good though.


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I need a help. Can anybody post pictures of the metal rod holding the cups to the headband? Especially the part where it holds the cup.

I will get you a picture tomorrow. Its really pretty easy to tear it down to just the bare parts. It's 3 screws, I think. One big one to attach the cups to the clip that is on the rod and two to hold the plastic clip together. Pretty simple design.
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So, long time no posting...
For the last month, I have been experimenting with my 3D model and design. I have to say that on the whole I got bored with the 3D printed shells very quickly. I became much more interested in putting the model into the CNC machine and building a set out of hardwood. Thus... pictures:





















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Aye I've seen a material called "Alumide" which is apparently nylon powder and aluminium dust. Not sure of its suitability as a non-resonant housing.
There is also laser metal sintering, which is actually a very high end process of 3D printing with lasers and metal powder. I am not sure if this has many advantages over traditional CNC milling but I assume like any additive process it makes you make very convoluted shapes as one continguous piece.

Is "laser metal sintering" similar or the same as "selective laser melting", as used by Ortofon?
Michael Fremer on the difference between a stock Ortofon cartridge body and a SLM one: “After letting me marvel at and handle the gleaming aluminum shape of the MC A90, Leif Johannsen (Ortofon CO of Acoustics and Technology) took me to a secluded area of the hall where the flooring was made of hard linoleum. He held the body out in front of him and let it drop. With a ping, it bounced about two feet up in the air. Then he took a second cartridge body out of his pocket. This one was layered like a cross section of stratified rock, but more neatly and uniformly. From chest height, he dropped the second body. Instead of bouncing with a distinct ping, it hit the floor with a nonresonant tick and stopped dead, without bouncing back so much an inch. Now that was major.”

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