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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. Misson07
    Some people mentioned that the nozzle is rather short though personally I'm fine with it. I prefer them with rather loose seal anyway.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  2. darmanastartes
    I'm currently using the small triple flange tips from this set in combination with this cable, which has angled connectors, and I think I'm finally happy with the fit.
  3. augustr
    The thing is that the nozzle is definetely on the short, so you can run into problems if you, like me, prefer a tighter seal. The earphone is supposed to fit in your concha bowl, so if you have very small ears, I'd advise you to look for another one, unless you can get one to try yourself. My ears are pretty big, so they sit in there flush with the ear, no problem.

    If you can't get a good fit in the canal, you can compensate with a longer tip, like triple flange or a large foam tip.
  4. josesol07
    @warriotpoet, I had my mind made up on purchasing P1s and now lurking this thread I find your statement and decided to hold back.
    Could you please elaborate on comparing O2s and the P1s? Particularly on the resolution, detail retrieval, instrument separation, and midrange layering?
    I guess O2 are also much less demanding on driving power, according to what I read about P1s.
    Thanks in advance, Jose
  5. warriorpoet
    The P1s have a generally agreeable FR, but I find them lacking in dynamic and resolution. Even with power a certain bluntness pervades the whole signature from end to end. They're also not terribly extended in any particular direction, and, although detail and resolution are adequate, they are not expansive or spacious. I simply don't find them superior to my other IEMs in any sense.

    Oxygens are another kettle entirely. Their signature is balanced overall, they are fairly well extended into the bass, and incredibly airy (pun!). They do trade some weight in the midrange for a drier, more precise presentation (rare for a DD), but make up for it with beautiful treble balance and a superb sense of "place." They might be my favorite single DD ever, spoiled slightly by a difficult fit for my weird ears. Oxygens are coherent Harman-ish done right with better mids.

    About three months ago I wrote Linsoul to have them pass on a few suggestions to Tanchjim. In that email, I promised to buy another set of Oxygens as soon as they were released with an improved fit. I never repurchase equipment; there are too many wonderful things to experience and life is too short.


    The day Tanchjim makes the CIEM Oxygens available is the day I order another set.
  6. josesol07
    Hi, thank you so much for your comparison. If I´m not mistaken somebody mentioned Tanchjim is working on an improved version, taking care of the fit problems, Looks like I´m going to wait until they are available.
    "there are too many wonderful things to experience and life is too short".. how pertinent, just noticed you received the Fearless Roland. How nice !!! :clap:
    cheers, Jose
    warriorpoet likes this.
  7. SilverEars
    I don't believe it necessarily has to do with ear size, but the way concha is relative to the canal and it's opening.

    As far as fit, I wish more iem makers make universal fit like InEar prophile-8 or QDC Anole VX. I like how contoured the shape is.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
    warriorpoet likes this.
  8. mochill
  9. vas-tomsk
  10. warriorpoet
    Crazy, isn't it?
  11. Ahmad313
    Now what is this ,???
  12. darmanastartes
    I'm guessing it's a Cora successor.
  13. FastAndClean
    no removable cable again, WHY
  14. zazaboy
    anyone knows where to get the new tanchjim oxygen with filters and longer nozzle?
  15. Ahmad313
    I think they are not released yet , Tanchjim will show these iem ( for audition ) on 7th September in China audio show ,
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