Taiwanese Amp Designs from David Lin
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Jan 3, 2002
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Jan 3, 2002
Referred to this thread for more information

Based on the former tube amp, LC-1, LC-icute has been created to utilize op-amps at it's best. It is class A and outputs between 0.15~0.3 Watts. It was originally designed to prove that AKG K501s are NOT as power hungry as most people think they are, but that we just need to feed them right power.

Here is a copy of the LC-icute design as well as the other designs of his w/ some of the terms of use translated into English.

We would like to state that all the copyrights and the related rights are reserved by My Headphone's World and The Taiwan Walker Theatre. We allow DIYers to use the design and use it solely on their own, without any kind of commercial activity involved in any form.(That means It is NOT okay for you to sell this amp to a friend at $10 more than the cost of the parts.) Without the authorization of either My Headphone's World, The Taiwan Walker Theatre, or David Lin, this amp is not to be mass-produced for commercial purposes. The use of this design has to with David Lin's own requests below(in blue) on top of compliance with the consent above.

David Lin's Personal Statements:
1. The use of this design is NOT free.
2. Under the circumstances of PERSONAL USE, please make donations to either the Care Animals & Protecting the earth organization or The Hope Organization in helping animals and schooling of children in remote areas.
(A note from me, the translater, I believe this also applies to local organizations of your own area.)
3. The copy/distribution of this design, whenever involving money of any sum, requires my personal authorization. This stands for mere respect for the designer, and is to stimulate more people to involve themselves in designing.
Thus said, users should pay accordingly, and anyone who apply this design to commercial purposes should contact me for authorization no matter what you intend to do with it.
Thank you.


OP-AMPs recommended:
OPA2132PA-ND: More energetic sound to use w/ K501
OPA2277PA-ND: Offers a more neutral sound
OPA2227PA-ND: Slightly darker to use w/ the bright DT931

Designs for various other amps of his are also available under the above terms of use.
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