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Tablets that "plug n play" with USB dacs?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jonny564, Dec 31, 2013.
  1. jonny564
      Been out of the loop for a while and i have been wanting to run a semi-portable setup with a small dac/amp hooked up to a tablet. I know earlier in the year and the end of 2012 there were a lot of issues with being able to run a setup like this. Are there any recommended tablets out there that are compatible with sound out from a mini usb? Searched the topic but most of the threads are pretty old.
  2. Koloth
    Every Windows 8/8.1 tablet will work just fine. I'm not sure about the WinRT versions though.
    (Small addendum: there are a few USB-dacs that get their power over the USB-cable. There might be some windows tablets out there that simply dont have enough juice on their USB ports to power external accessories like hard-disks or usb-dacs. The trouble is that it would be very difficult to discern those that have this problem from the rest simply by looking at the specs. So your best bet would be a battery-powered dac if you want something portable.)

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