Syba DAC/Amp Mic input issues
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Sep 21, 2019
So i have a Syba 24bit/96KHz DAC with Headphone Amplifier and a ket direct boom mic connected to my takstar pro 82s. My issue is when I connect the headphones (through the y splitter that came with the boom mic) to the Syba Dac/amp the audio works fine but the microphone doesn't work whatsoever, i found a way to work the microphone by having the jack put in like halfway.

I'm now curious to know if the issue lies with the splitter or is the DAC/amp defective? i tried using the splitter with my laptop and recorded audio and it worked fine, but the audio recording would only come to my left ear cup. When I halfway put the mic jack in thought the Syba and record audio i can hear it from both cups (which I'm guessing is what's supposed to happen?) during playback.

I've had it for a few days now and I'm wondering if I should return it or maybe purchase a different type of splitter/ different mic entirely? And if I return it and it's not defective i don't get the full refund...through .

Edit: think the mic aux is TRS.
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