Switching between Headphone Amp and Active Speakers
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In a Win10 PC setup, I have an external DAC (no volume knob), Heed Canamp headphone amp (with volume knob), and a set of Focal 40 active speakers (no volume knob). The DAC has only one set of outputs. I’m looking for some kind of device that has one input (DAC) and has two outputs (active speakers and headphone amp) so I can switch over to one or the other, and that also has a pot for the active speakers (as the headphone amp already has a pot). I really don’t like using the volume sliders in Win10. I can’t seem to find anything along these lines. Any ideas?
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Seems you need a preamp in between your DAC and your headphone amp/speaker. Try looking at Schiit Saga for SE or Freya for balanced.
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What you need seems to be a passive “Studio Monitor Controller”, a simple stereo one with also a HP output or one with two stereo outputs.

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Does that create an issue at all?
It shouldn’t create an issue, at least not an audible one but it could, depending on the individual unit and how you set them, EG. Basic rules of gain-staging apply. Mackie is at the cheaper end of the pro-audio scale but typically perfectly acceptable.

I don’t have a stereo monitor controller, I use a more complex (multichannel multi-input and output) integrated one, so I can’t provide any recommendations.

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Yep, sorry I can’t be more specific on recommendations but at least now you know what type of device to investigate. Good luck!

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Yes, but all the preamps I've looked at have multiple inputs and only one out, which is the reverse of what I'm looking for.
Have you seen carefully the links??
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A simple rca a/b switch used in reverse will do the trick.
This. No need to make it complicated. Swap your ins and outs from how they're labeled and you're set.
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Saw this in Amazon:
Dingsun Bi-Directional 2-Way RCA Stereo Audio Switch Audio Signal Source Switcher Selector Splitter Box for DVD/Blu-ray Players etc. (2 Input-1 Output /1 Input-2 Output)

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