sweet ipod remote prototype
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Alright, well the first time I saw this was actually about a year ago, but some recent looking at remotes reminded me of this and how sweet it was. I just thought I had to share this. For a advanced EE class here at UW, a guy did a design project where he made a ipod remote. The great thing about this was that it was motion activated. it strapped to your hand could be attached to a glove(it gets cold here!). The small remote has a motion sensor that senses the motion of your hand and interprets in to ipod commands. For exapmple tilit your hand to the right and you skip forward, left skip backward, etc. For volume you tilt your hand on its side and then point it to the right or left. The whole contraption was smaller than the actual ipod inline remote and weighed next to nothing. I really wish I could find this guy so I could case one up and use it. Seriously one of the best ipod things I have ever seen.

PS oh yeah you could turn it on and off too, to turn on you just held your hand straight out and level for about 2 seconds and to turn it off just do the same. This way just walking around you wouldn't send any commands at all unless you wanted too
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That is cool. Pretty impractical, unless there's some kind of thumb button to activate the sensor, otherwise your iPod would go crazy everytime you talked to a neighbor.
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yep thats the guy
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sooner or later you'll be doing this in public
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ghopper: I wanted to post something about looking like a nazi, but didn't for some reason

jtevol1: what the heck? Did you read the original post? to turn the iPod on and off, you Quote:

just held your hand straight out and level for about 2 seconds and to turn it off just do the same

which if done with a straight arm would look remarkably like the Nazi salute.

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