Supreme: weight and dimensions?
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Oct 25, 2002
Hi all,

I e-mailed Headroom to inquire the weight (incl. batteries) and dimensions of the Supreme and Cosmic amps respectively, but no answer.

From what I've read on this forum and at Headwize, these aren't pocketsized, unless... well, just how big pockets do I need to carry a Supreme or a Cosmic?
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I have a Supreme, and they're definitely not pocket sized. I don't have a ruler handy, but it's slightly bigger than a CD jewel case in width and depth, and about an inch thick.

The battery pack is external, and is sized appropriately for 4 D-cells.

...Not something you want to carry around unless you've got a backpack or you're a real glutton for punishment.

Sounds great though.
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HI: Welcome to head-fi. The supreme amp and the cosmic amp are much to big to go into your pocket. Especially with the 4 c batt pack plus amp. These amps are not small pocket amps.
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Guys, thanks for your replies.

Suppose I'll lug around the Supreme and batterypack in a bag... you don't know me...


What's the weight?
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I think a Supreme or Cosmic is smaller than that i'm carrying around. I have a Little More Power and this thing hogs my whole back pack. I recall that the older supremes and cosmic run on 4 aa cells.
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About 1 jewel case in width/depth, but a tad more deep.
About 3 jewel cases high.
Note, this is for my cosmic, and I'm pretty sure they use the same case.
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I have both a supreme and a cosmic (I keep meaning to sell the supreme). I always end up carrying a set of four extra D cells. These amps burn through batteries pretty quickly. I use the traveler bag from headroom, but the weight is pretty uncomfortable after a little while. I am going to be walking around a lot, I put the traveler bag inside a backpack and then the weight is not an issue.

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