Super extra ultra heavy duty BMX wheels???
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Any expert advice would be greatly appreciated here, I am just north 300 lbs and looking to have some wheels built for my 20" and 24" bmx bikes. Before you hop in here and call me fat, consider this; I've lost 4" off of my belly and gained 7 lbs in the past two months. Hubs and rim recommendations are what I seek, they will be expertly built by a friend of mine in exchange for a dap build. I don't want to join any snotty little bmx forums to ask unless I absolutely must. Head Fi don't let me down. I will supply any details necessary and I am going to do the 24 inchers first.
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Carbon fiber fails catastrophically at unexpected times. Consider a one-piece cast aluminum wheel.
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I've been riding my Alex rims Supra E (non lite, triple walled) and a Shadow Conspiracy hub for two years now, and I've never had to tune anything. I weigh 190lbs, and I sometimes really pound the back wheel on ledges by mistake and it never fails on me. Yes, it weighs a lot, but my back wheel is a tank. I believe the Supra E is out of production, so you'll have to settle with the "lite" version I suppose.
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Dt spokes all the way.

G-sport hubs are made extremely well and have a axle system that is simple, and extremely strong. < - Cannot stress how great this company is, they have a great reputation and are highly praised withing the bmx and mtb hub community.

For bmx rims you can also look at the g-sport ribcage, or if you don't mind an bit of extra weight for strenth odyssey midway is what you need.

Remember to keep your spokes tight and have your wheel properly built by a competent bike mechanic, a wheel with great hardware but poorly built will be a piece of ****.

edit: Not sure where you are located but Empire Bmx are a mail-order company in texas that will be able to ship you the parts cheaply (local stores can put on a lot of markup), and i think they may offer free wheel building (good builders there).
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Dt spokes all the way.

Remember to keep your spokes tight and have your wheel properly built by a competent bike mechanic, a wheel with great hardware but poorly built will be a piece of ****.

Yes indeed - a new wheel which is competently built should give a minimum of "pings" when first ridden, if it is spoke-built. I had a set of super-duty wheels made for my road bike, and they cost me $350 about 15 years ago, and I provided the hubs. On the first ride, I got ONE ping, but the payoff was a very comfortable ride and excellent force transfer to the ground - a difficult achievement.

I decided to take a look:

The spokes are headstamped "W" - Wheelsmith?
Spoking is X4 on the front, X4 on the rear, drive side, X3 on the rear, left side (Mark Pace is famous for that)
Hubs are Suntour Cyclone (sealed bearings)
Rims are Mavic M261 (700C, but they have been mistaken for MTB wheels).

BTW, rear wheel removal requires rear tire deflation, and the front does not have toe clip clearance.
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Thanks for all the tips so far. My friend who will build my wheels is a skilled individual to put it lightly so no worries there. I am having a blast riding my 20" while my 24" is waiting for wheels but I can't wait to have strong wheels on the 24" so I can hit some jumps. Then its Odyssey Twombolts for the 20". Both are stout framed Schwinns, Super Stock and a Predator. Riding one gear around Boulder has got me looking like Calfzilla with all these hills.
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Sun Rhyno lite XL 24 and some NOS TNT Derringer hubs, definitely DT spokes are finally built. I laced them myself and watched and learned tensioning and truing. I went for that break in ride to have them retightened and snapped the crank just pedaling across the street. I've got some Redline Device cranks en route, I wanted Flights but Redline says these are stronger.

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